Breaking Points: How Psychedelics Will RADICALLY Change Mental Health Treatment

Ryan and Emily are joined by Marcus Capone and Jonathan Lubecky to discuss the formation of the first-ever Congressional caucus on psychedelic treatments.

Benzinga: Bipartisan Psychedelics Caucus Created In Congress

Psychedelics have made it to Capitol Hill. On Thursday Congress announced the creation of a Congressional Psychedelics Advancing Clinical Treatments (PACT) Caucus.

Fox News Rundown: Extra: Are Psychedelics The Secret To Solving America’s Mental Health Crisis?

On the FOX News Rundown Extra, hear the entire interview with Marcus and his wife Amber Capone and why they have become such big advocates for veterans pursuing psychedelic drug treatment.

NBC10 Philadelphia: Lucy Bustamante on TODAY Set to Share Veterans' Stories

NBC10’s Lucy Bustamante joins Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on the “TODAY” set to talk about her Veterans Day special that will air on NBC News Now.

NBC News Now: American Vets: Beyond the Battlefield

Join Tom Llamas and Lucy Bustamante this Veterans Day for American Vets: Beyond the Battlefield. We address the state of the military today, and pull back the curtain on how vets are surviving war trauma & how psychedelic assisted therapy could change everything. And yes, the VA is paying attention.


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