THE WASHINGTON POST: Psychedelic drug ibogaine hailed as healing. U.S. patients ask why it’s illegal

Stephen Jones spent three decades in Navy Special Operations, his brain bearing the imprint of traumatic injury. Yoga and a psychedelic called ibogaine eased his suffering. (Michael A. McCoy for The Washington Post)

The Virginian Pilot: VA to explore psychedelic treatments for veterans with PTSD: It could be ‘life-changing,’ retired Navy SEALs say

For the first time since the 1960s, the Department of Veterans Affairs will begin funding studies that may open the door for using plant-based psychedelics to treat military veterans diagnosed with mental illnesses.

  • 2.21.2024

The Orange County Register: It’s not too late for California to be a pioneer in psychedelic-assisted therapies in 2024

As legislative momentum builds around psychedelic-assisted therapies, California emerges as a frontrunner, and Governor Gavin Newsom’s support is a promising sign.

The Washington Post: VA considers using psychedelic drugs to fight PTSD among veterans

Psychedelics are becoming so mainstream that the Department of Veterans Affairs is examining the use of MDMA — also known as ecstasy — and psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, to fight post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.

1A Remaking America (NPR): The power of psychedelic therapy for members of the military

Many people hear the term “psychedelics” and think of hippies, acid, and the music of the 1960s. But it may soon take on a whole different meaning for the U.S. military.


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