Texas veteran and state representative advocate for psychedelic therapy

House Bill 1802 would allow the study of the use of alternative therapies for treating PTSD, more specifically the use of psychedelic therapy.


Texas clears bill to study psychedelics to treat vets with PTSD

The Texas Legislature has approved a study that will look at using psilocybin as a treatment for veterans struggling with PTSD. This is the first of its kind study on the use of these psychedelics on veterans with PTSD.


Bringing psychedelic treatment to the special forces veteran community

"We’ve supported around 350 Special Operations veterans in seeking psychedelic-assisted therapy." - Amber Capone, VETS co-founder


Texas could use psychedelic to treat PTSD in veterans

House Bill 1802, filed by state Rep. Alex Dominguez (D-Brownsville), calls on the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to conduct a clinical study on the compound’s impact on veterans with PTSD.


Inside Ibogaine

“When he walked into the room, it was as though I was witnessing him the first time I met him,” she says. “His anger and his darkness and his whole demeanor had changed. All of that was gone. He was easy. He was light. He was present. He was happy. It just absolutely blew my mind.”


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