Veteran suicides on the rise in Texas; advocates push for psychedelic treatment solutions

The latest federal data shows about 10 veterans a week are taking their own lives in Texas, and that number is on the rise. Some veteran advocates and organizations are pushing for state governments to think outside of the box to tackle the problem.


The Shawn Ryan Show: Shawn Ryan's Psychedelic Experience

Navy SEAL veteran Shawn Ryan opens up about his experience receiving psychedelic treatment, how it impacted him, and how it can help other veterans in need.


Press Release: VETS and Veteran’s PATH Partner to Enhance Psychedelic Therapy with Meditation

VETS announced today that it has partnered with Veteran’s PATH for a new program to help VETS’ Foundational Healing Grant recipients unlock the potential of psychedelic therapy through meditation and other mindfulness exercises.


The New Yorker: The Pied Piper of Psychedelic Toads

The practice, after decades of obscurity, is now entering the psychedelic mainstream.


The New York Times: Demand for This Toad’s Psychedelic Toxin Is Booming

“I saw why they call this the ‘God molecule’ after I got a full central nervous system reset,” said Mr. Capone, 45, who now runs a nonprofit with his wife helping hundreds of other Special Operations veterans.


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