Foundational Healing Pyramid Ibogaine

What is Foundational Healing?

Psychedelic therapy is not a miracle cure. Instead, psychedelic therapy can provide a foundation for ongoing psychological and neurological recovery.

Through its Foundational Healing Grants, VETS provides funding, coaching, and additional resources for veterans and their spouses seeking treatment with psychedelic-assisted therapies.

VETS supports treatment and research with these science-backed psychedelic therapy modalities:

  • Ibogaine
  • Ketamine
  • Psilocybin
  • MDMA
  • 5-MeO-DMT
  • Ayahuasca

VETS is committed to ensuring maximum potential for success for veterans seeking transformative, holistic health solutions. Expert-led preparation and integration are key to setting the intentions which lead to meaningful changes after treatment.

Each Foundational Healing Grant recipient receives:

  • Weekly meditation classes
  • Access to VETS Community Platform
  • Workshops
  • Grant funding for psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • International travel support
  • Five individual preparation and integration coaching sessions
  • Group integration coaching for veterans and spouses
  • Weekly yoga classes
  • Ongoing access to community support network

All Foundational Healing Grant recipients participate in scientific research to contribute to existing knowledge of the safety and efficacy of psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Grant Lifecycle


Veteran applies online for a Healing Grant

Accepted, Denied, or Future Consideration

The grant application is coded as: New, High Priority, or Not Qualified. Applicant receives an automated email stating acceptance, denial, or future consideration.

Intake Call

If the veteran meets the eligibility criteria and is chosen to proceed in the VETS pipeline, they will receive a welcome email with instructions to complete the grant plan. Someone from VETS will reach out to discuss and help applicants complete the grant plan.

Due Dilligence Process

Complete VETS e-course, choose your psychedelic therapy and retreat, discuss scheduling.

Set Date

Submit Grant Request

Sign and submit.

Introduced to an Integrated Coach and Veteran Mentor

Upon signing, the grantee will be introduced to their integration coach and a veteran mentor, usually within 24 hours. VETS provides five one-on-one coaching sessions in addition to weekly group coaching. In certain situations, more individual sessions may be necessary and available upon request.

Funds Disbursed

Funding is disbursed to the grantee 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled retreat date, either by mailed check or ACH transfer.

Grantee Books Travel

The grantee is cleared to schedule travel at this time. The grantee will work directly with the retreat center staff for all treatment and travel logistics. VETS can provide a travel reimbursement up to $500 upon request (documentation required). The grantee is responsible for handling payment with the retreat center and must use the funds for their intended purpose as detailed in the funding contract.


Continue with Your Integration


Grantee is given access to the VETS Community Platform and is invited to attend weekly group coaching sessions. Additional community support options such as meditation teachings, yoga, peer support training, quarterly offerings, and in-person gatherings are available to VETS grant recipients.

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Need Help Now?

We encourage anyone seeking help to contact our partners at the Suicide Prevention Lifeline or the Veterans Crisis Line.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Veterans Crisis Line