• 5.13.2024

POLITICO: California’s new magic mushroom team

DIFFERENT TRIP — Past efforts to legalize the personal use of psychedelic drugs in California have often fizzled amid a lack of political muscle and campaign infrastructure.

LA TIMES: Bill could end holdup for California research on psychedelics and addiction treatment

California lawmakers could soon clear a governmental logjam that has held up dozens of studies related to addiction treatment, psychedelics or other federally restricted drugs.

OPRAH DAILY: A User’s Guide to Therapeutic Psychedelics

From magic mushrooms to MDMA and ayahuasca to ibogaine—everything you need to know before (and after) taking the leap.

Psychedelic Conversations: Amber Capone - VETS: Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions #111

In this episode we discuss Amber's personal journey of supporting her husband through multiple combat deployments and their struggles transitioning back to civilian life, leading to the discovery of psychedelic therapy as a path to healing. Her story is one of love, resilience, and the pursuit of healing, not only for her husband but for countless other veterans facing similar challenges. We delve into the challenges spouses face, the importance of community support, and the potential of psychedelics like ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT in treating PTSD, TBI, and fostering a deeper connection to life and purpose. As we explore the growth of VETS and their mission to expand access to psychedelic therapies, Amber's insights highlight the importance of individualized approaches, legislative change, and ongoing personal work in the healing journey.


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