VETS and Former NFL Athletes Join Forces at Super Bowl 56

On February 13, 2022, Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS) co-founder and 13-year Navy SEAL veteran Marcus Capone huddled at Super Bowl 56’s Radio Row in Inglewood, Calif., to proactively raise awareness for VETS’ work at the country’s biggest sporting event.

You're Not In This Fight Alone: Marcus Capone's Plea to End Veteran Suicide

Let VETS fight alongside you. We have resources, people to guide you in the right direction, and most of all, a team filled with individuals who understand what it’s like to be in your position.

Press Release: VETS and Veteran’s PATH Partner to Enhance Psychedelic Therapy with Meditation

VETS announced today that it has partnered with Veteran’s PATH for a new program to help VETS’ Foundational Healing Grant recipients unlock the potential of psychedelic therapy through meditation and other mindfulness exercises.

Press Release: VETS Receives $3 Million Endowment to Give Veterans a Lifeline with Psychedelic Therapies

The Janice B. Brittingham Endowment for Veteran Healing cements VETS’ ability to offer Foundational Healing Grants to veterans.


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