Potent psychedelic drug banishes PTSD, small study finds

Military veterans with cognitive and psychological problems saw drastic improvements after a dose of ibogaine.

American Legion's Tango Alpha Lima Podcast: A Navy SEAL’s new mission

Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Capone finally found relief in psychedelics for his post-service transition issues. After numerous post-9/11 deployments, Capone retired in 2013 but went through a “downward spiral” for seven years before working it out. “It was a challenging time,” he says.

BENZINGA: Kentucky's Promising Opioid Addiction Treatment Initiative Stalls As New AG Ousts Leading Advocate

Once a promising pioneer state in ibogaine research for the treatment of opioid use disorder, Kentucky’s appointment of Attorney General Russell Coleman has brought about the removal of Bryan Hubbard.

PRESS RELEASE: VETS and Rep. Dan Crenshaw Celebrate Bi-Partisan Support for NDAA Bill that Includes Grants for Research in Psychedelic Treatment

Collaboration Helps Bring U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw's Douglas Mike Day Psychedelic Therapy to Save Lives Act, legislation that will direct the Defense Department to create grants for studying psychedelic treatments for active duty service members.


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