Press Release: 20 Years After 9/11, VETS Launches Strength in Numbers Initiative to End Veteran Suicide

For National Suicide Prevention Month, non-profit raises awareness about psychedelic therapy’s life-saving potential for veterans


VIDEO: 20 Years Since 9/11, Veterans Need Access to Psychedelic Therapies

We all remember that tragic day. We also remember the resolve and solidarity that rose from the ashes of Ground Zero. A generation of American soldiers answered the call, and without hesitation deployed forward to defend our America.


Press Release: VETS Forms Advisory Board to Guide Mission to End Veteran Suicide

Advisory board brings together leaders from military, veteran, science fields to amplify VETS’ work to end veteran suicide


Banfield: Experts weigh in on the often misunderstood world of psychedelics

VETS co-founders Marcus and Amber Capone join psychedelic experts on "Banfield" on NewsNation to explore the transformative potential of psychedelic therapies for veterans and others.


SEAL Team Six Breacher Marcus Capone, Psychedelic Therapy Advocate

VETS co-founder Marcus Capone and Shawn Ryan go in-depth about Marcus' military career as a Tier 1 explosive breacher, and how psychedelic-assisted therapy not only saved his life, but brought his family back together.


Your involvement could help save a life. Thank you for joining us in this crucial fight for our nation's heroes.
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