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Variety: Documentary About Navy Veterans Using Psychedelics to Treat PTSD in the Works From Participant

Following former Navy SEALs who suffer from anxiety, pain and suicidal thoughts, the documentary finds the veterans at their breaking points, which leads them to the cutting edge of alternative treatments.

The Psychedelic Christian Podcast: Interview with CT & Becca Thompson

The Psychedelic Christian Podcast welcomes CT and Becca Thompson of VETS. CT is an entrepreneur and decorated former U.S. Army Green Beret and defense contractor with seven combat deployments combined. CT & Becca are active members of their local Roman Catholic Church and both have received psychedelic therapy through VETS.

The Devil Doc Talk Show: Amber Capone of VETS

Join in on this amazing conversation with VETS co-founder Amber Capone, discussing the real effects of the 20-plus-year war that has recently ended on the most elite military forces in the world.

Stars and Stripes: Winner of reality TV show ‘Survivor’ pledges to donate prize money to veterans charities

Though not a veteran himself, Gabler, a 52-year-old heart valve specialist, said he will make the donations in honor of his father, Robert Gabler, a former Army Green Beret who is now 81 years old.

Grit Daily: Meet the Group That Helps Veterans Return to the World Thanks to Psychedelic Medicine

Founded by Amber Capone and her husband Marcus, the group has been working to get veterans the funds to work with various healers in the psychedelic space.


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