Lucid News: Texas Leads the Way in Bipartisan Support for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Research

“If you would have told me five years ago that Rick Perry, knuckle-dragging, right wing Republican governor of Texas, was going to be in the same sentence with the word ‘psychedelics,’ I would have bet you the farm, baby,” Perry told a recent conference hosted by Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS).


NBC Austin - Legal Psychedelics in Austin? UT Launches PTSD, Depression Study

VETS helped pass HB 1802 in Texas, which is now making possible a new study on psychedelic therapy for veterans and others with PTSD.


NBC 7 San Diego: Psychedelics Could Become Legal in California

VETS co-founder Marcus Capone appears on NBC San Diego alongside numerous experts to how psychedelic policy change can affect veterans.


The Duncan Trussell Family Hour: Marcus & Amber Capone

Marcus & Amber Capone, founders of Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS), join the Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast.


The HEAL Podcast: Helping Veterans Heal PTSD and More Through Psychedelic Therapy

Join Kelly Noonan Gores on The HEAL Podcast as Marcus and Amber share their remarkable story and how they are on a mission to help his fellow servicemen and women find their way back to themselves.


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