U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Nick Norris shares the story of how psychedelic therapy helped him reignite his passion for climbing and physical pursuits, restore his connection with his family, and give him a second chance at appreciating life.

After losing multiple fellow SEALs in a devastating helicopter crash, and later losing his brother in an avalanche accident, Nick struggled with anger and depression that left him feeling isolated and disconnected from his loved ones. As he poured himself into his new civilian career, it only furthered the growing divide.

Nick sought treatment for the struggles he was facing, but was reluctant to take antidepressant medications which he’d seen so many of his teammates struggle to stop. That’s when he learned about psychedelic therapy.

Nick applied for and received a Foundational Healing Grant from the non-profit Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS). Later, he would join the VETS Board of Directors, helping to chart a course for other veterans who need access to therapies that work.

“The VETS program isn’t shoot from the hip," says Nick. “It’s deep preparation, with a focus on integration and continued therapy—not because I’m broken, but because I’m growing."

Watch the video to hear Nick’s story.