The Duncan Trussell Family Hour: Marcus & Amber Capone

Marcus & Amber Capone, founders of Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS), join the Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast.


The HEAL Podcast: Helping Veterans Heal PTSD and More Through Psychedelic Therapy

Join Kelly Noonan Gores on The HEAL Podcast as Marcus and Amber share their remarkable story and how they are on a mission to help his fellow servicemen and women find their way back to themselves.


Cleared Hot Podcast: Marcus and Amber Capone

Marcus and Amber talk with their friend Andy Stumpf on the Cleared Hot Podcast about the founding of VETS and how they support Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans and their spouses.


Nick's Story: How a 10-Year Navy SEAL Veteran Found Psychedelic Therapy

U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Nick Norris shares the story of how psychedelic therapy helped him reignite his passion for climbing and physical pursuits, restore his connection with his family, and give him a second chance at appreciating life.


The Donlon Report: Could Magic Mushrooms Help Treat PTSD?

VETS co-founders Marcus and Amber Capone join Texas Rep. Alex Dominguez to discuss psychedelics as treatments for veterans with PTSD and TBI.


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