Press Release: 20 Years After 9/11, VETS Launches Strength in Numbers Initiative to End Veteran Suicide

For National Suicide Prevention Month, non-profit raises awareness about psychedelic therapy’s life-saving potential for veterans

20 Years Since 9/11, Veterans Need Access to Psychedelic Therapies

We all remember that tragic day. We also remember the resolve and solidarity that rose from the ashes of Ground Zero. A generation of American soldiers answered the call, and without hesitation deployed forward to defend our America.

Press Release: VETS Forms Advisory Board to Guide Mission to End Veteran Suicide

Advisory board brings together leaders from military, veteran, science fields to amplify VETS’ work to end veteran suicide

Ending the War at Home: Saving the Lives of Our Veterans with Psychedelic Therapy

I never saw war coming. Not 9/11, not the conflicts overseas, and certainly not the war that would begin in our own home when we transitioned out of the SEAL teams. The “war after the war” first began between Marcus and me. We were in regular opposition: confused, misinformed—passionate, but misaligned. I was great at shame,

Sara and Chad's Story

Listen to Sara and Chad's story, and find out how VETS, Inc., is helping Special Forces veterans get the healing they and their families so desperately need.


Your involvement could help save a life. Thank you for joining us in this crucial fight for our nation's veterans.
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