FOX News Radio: Kennedy Saves Your Healing From The Federal Government

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with the co-founders of VETS: Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions Marcus and Amber Capone to discuss their goal of ending the veteran suicide epidemic.

Jocko Podcast: SEALS, Spec Ops, and Psychedelics with Marcus & Amber Capone

The story and life lessons from US Navy SEAL Marcus Capone: fighting TBI, PTSD, and demons with psychedelic medicine.

Talk4 Podcast with Marcus Capone

Marcus is co-founder of VETS, providing resources, research, and advocacy for Special Operations veterans seeking alternative mental health treatments.

Congressman Crenshaw Saves Vets From PTSD

Kennedy sits down with Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) to discuss cutting-edge treatment mechanisms for former members of the military who experience trauma-related disorders.

Behind the Shield Podcast: Marcus Capone

VETS co-founder Marcus Capone discusses his journey into the Navy SEALs, his experience with TBI and microtraumas, his powerful mental health story, and so much more.


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