Ending the War at Home: Saving the Lives of Our Veterans with Psychedelic Therapy

I never saw war coming. Not 9/11, not the conflicts overseas, and certainly not the war that would begin in our own home when we transitioned out of the SEAL teams. The “war after the war” first began between Marcus and me. We were in regular opposition: confused, misinformed—passionate, but misaligned. I was great at shame,

Sara and Chad's Story

Listen to Sara and Chad's story, and find out how VETS, Inc., is helping Special Forces veterans get the healing they and their families so desperately need.

Press Release: Special Forces Veterans Find Hope in Psychedelic Therapy for Treating PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury

After psychedelic therapy saves his life and marriage, retired Navy SEAL and wife launch non-profit VETS initiative to give fellow veterans a second chance.

Psychedelic Times: How Ibogaine is Helping Former Special Operations Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD

In this continuation of our first conversation with Marcus and Amber Capone of VETS, we discuss ways that traumatic brain injury (TBI) can overlap and complicate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and how the psychedelic root bark iboga and its derivative ibogaine can treat both disorders.

Psychedelic Times: Veteran Navy SEAL Advocates for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: Interview with Marcus and Amber Capone of VETS

Marcus Capone is a former Navy SEAL who, like many of his teammates completed multiple combat deployments overseas.


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