Hello from Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS)! We envision a world where our veterans have access to the most advanced healthcare options to heal from the invisible wounds of war. Today we're proud to bring you the latest about how we're making that vision a reality.

Just in the last three months, our Foundational Healing Grant recipients represent a combined 435 years of military service and 129 combat deployments in service of our nation. Last quarter, grants went to 26 Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans and nine SOF spouses, including Army Rangers, Army Night Stalkers, Navy SEALs, Navy EOD, Air Force Combat Controllers, and an NSW Corpsman.

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On June 18, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) allowed HB 1802 to become law, authorizing a Texas state-sponsored study of psilocybin-assisted therapy for veterans with PTSD. Introduced by Rep. Alex Dominguez (D-TX), the bill moved through the Texas legislature quickly, with broad support from a bipartisan coalition, including from former Texas Governor, Rick Perry (R). “While states across the country consider how best to address the mental health crisis facing our nation, I hope they once again look to Texas for leadership,” said Rep. Dominguez. VETS is a proud supporter of HB 1802, and also a co-sponsor of SB 519, which advanced in California.

In this edition of the VETS Newsletter, we also share:

  • The launch of Modern Recovery: Veterans & Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, our new free e-course
  • Our quarterly Grants Report
  • A four-hour conversation with VETS on The Shawn Ryan Show, hosted by a former U.S. Navy SEAL
  • Upcoming events, and more

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Thank you for being part of the VETS family, and for continuing to support us as we work to transform the lives and futures of our nation’s veterans. We’re committed to ENDING veteran suicide, and we couldn’t do it without you.

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Marcus and Amber Capone
Veterans Exploring Treatments Solutions (VETS)

Free E-Course Now Available

Designed in collaboration with Psychedelic.Support, this course is for veterans and their families who want to understand current scientific research on psychedelics and how it applies to veterans, and for anyone else interested in learning about psychedelics and veteran mental health.


Foundational Healing Grants Applications Open

We are accepting applications for Foundational Healing Grants from:

  • U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans with two or more combat deployments after September 11, 2001
  • Spouses of SOF personnel who meet the above criteria
  • Gold Star Spouses of SOF personnel
VETS is working to expand our capacity to provide Foundational Healing Grants to non-SOF veterans and their spouses.


Transform Veteran Healthcare with a Monthly Gift

Monthly donors sustain our work, allowing us to plan ahead, expand our grants program, and transform veteran healthcare now and in the future.


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Through our Foundational Healing Grants, VETS provides funding, coaching, and additional resources for veterans seeking treatment with psychedelic-assisted therapies.

VETS Grants Report

Q2 2021

34 Foundational Healing Grants awarded, including:

  • 26 Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans
  • 9 SOF spouses
  • ibogaine & iboga
  • $101,250 awarded
  • $6,400 total grants
  • $30,000+ preparation & integration coaching grants

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VETS supports scientific research into the benefits and risks of psychedelics for treating TBI, PTSD, addiction, and other conditions affecting veterans.

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In 2020, the results of a retrospective study of psychedelic treatment for trauma-related psychological and cognitive impairment in SOF veterans was published in the peer-reviewed journal Chronic Stress. Conducted by Dr. Alan Kooi Davis (Ohio State University and Johns Hopkins University), the study was part of the grass roots effort that launched VETS in 2019.

Now, to gather more evidence about ibogaine as a potential PTSD and TBI treatment option, VETS is supporting Stanford University researcher Dr. Nolan Williams’ upcoming observational and brain imaging study of the safety of ibogaine-assisted therapy in veterans with head trauma, combat, or blast exposure. In addition to psychological and cognitive testing of 30 veterans receiving ibogaine treatment in countries where the treatment is available, study participants will also receive functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) to explore possible brain changes associated with its use.

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VETS works to reduce the stigmas associated with trauma and psychedelic therapies, and to ensure that veterans have access to the most effective healthcare options.


VETS' current advocacy efforts include:

Texas House Bill 1802: Psychedelic Research for Veterans

On June 18, 2021, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) allowed \\[HB 1802](https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/html/HB01802I.htm) to become law, authorizing a Texas state-sponsored study of psilocybin-assisted therapy for veterans with PTSD. Introduced by Rep. Alex Dominguez (D), the bill moved through the Texas legislature quickly, with broad support from a bipartisan coalition of policymakers, scientists, veterans, family members, and others. "While states across the country consider how best to address the mental health crisis facing our nation, I hope they once again look to Texas for leadership," said Rep. Dominguez.


California Senate Bill 519: Decriminalizing Psychedelics in California

On June 1, 2021, the California State Senate approved SB 519, which if approved would decriminalize the possession of a variety of psychedelic compounds in the state of California. VETS is a non-profit co-sponsor of SB 519 because if passed, it would become easier for California veterans to seek psychedelic-assisted therapy without needing to leave the United States.


Shawn Ryan Show

VETS co-founder Marcus Capone and Shawn Ryan go in depth about Marcus' military career as a Tier 1 explosive breacher, and how psychedelic-assisted therapy not only saved his life, but brought his family back together.

Free Range American

Jarred Taylor, Co-Founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company and the [Free Range American podcast](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLU3MExU5Wk), welcomes Marcus Capone, co-founder of VETS. Jarred describes his experience with VETS, including details of his harrowing journey with ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT.

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Mind Medicine Australia

VETS is a proud Partner for Mind Medicine Australia’s upcoming International Summit on Psychedelic Therapies for Mental Illness, taking place in Melbourne from November 19-20, 2021, at the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins. [Register today](https://summit.mindmedicineaustralia.org/)!

Our Partners

VETS is proud to partner with organizations that support ending veteran suicide through psychedelic therapy.

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Q: What is the legality of psychedelics in religious settings in the USA?

The federal government has exempted members of certain specific religious organizations from such prosecution, within narrow restrictions, after years of litigation. Recently, some veterans have asked us whether members of other religious organizations are exempt from prosecution. No—only certain religious organizations have obtained such exempt status; members of most religious organizations are not exempt and are still liable to be prosecuted for the federal crime of drug possession.

Possessing Schedule I controlled substances within the USA is a federal crime, and VETS does not endorse or recommend possessing controlled substances within the USA, even in religious contexts, without an express exemption under the Controlled Substances Act. VETS is not able to independently substantiate whether a given organization has such an exemption. If you have questions about whether the federal government has recognized a particular religious organization as exempt from prosecution, please ask that organization for substantiation of their exempt status, and, to be prudent, consult with your legal counsel.

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