2020 was a wild year, to say the least! While both unprecedented and challenging, this past year was also remarkable and encouraging for all of us at Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS).

Dear friends and supporters of VETS,

Happy spring from all of us at Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS)!

This year, we’re expanding our capacity by growing our team, implementing Salesforce, launching our new website, and continuing to help veterans and their spouses get the assistance they need.

This week, TIME magazine published an in-depth feature article about the story of VETS, and why we committed ourselves to paying it forward after our life was forever transformed by Marcus' treatment with psychedelic therapy.

“When he walked into the room, it was as though I was witnessing him the first time I met him,” Amber told TIME. “His anger and his darkness and his whole demeanor had changed. All of that was gone. He was easy. He was light. He was present. He was happy. It just absolutely blew my mind.”

In this edition of the VETS newsletter, you’ll also find:

  • A streamlined process for Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans, their spouses, and Gold Star Spouses to apply for our Foundational Healing Grants
  • Our all-new website, just launched last week
  • Our 2020 Annual Report, including a letter from our founders, goals and recent achievements, financial highlights, and more
  • Fresh conversations about veterans health and psychedelic therapy on the Team Never Quit and Field Tripping podcasts
  • Upcoming events and more

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We know we couldn’t do it without the trust and support of our community. Together, we can transform veteran healthcare and END veteran suicide.

With gratitude,

Marcus and Amber Capone VETS Co-Founders