As we reflect on 20 years since the attacks on 9/11, we are faced with the reminder that roughly 20 veterans per day die by suicide. These brave Americans need us now.

Our veterans need access to therapies that work, therapies that not only allow them to survive, but to thrive. Psychedelic therapies are transforming the lives of veterans, and bringing families back together.

Our Mission:

VETS provides resources, research, and advocacy for U.S. military veterans seeking treatment with psychedelic-assisted therapies.

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VETS was founded in 2019 by Marcus and Amber Capone in response to the growing veteran healthcare and suicide crises. Marcus, a retired Navy SEAL, left the military in 2013 after multiple combat deployments. Marcus and Amber soon realized that the subsequent years would be wrought with escalating hardships, misdiagnoses, a broken veteran healthcare system, and desperation to find a meaningful solution before it was too late.

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Yes, there are still 22 veteran

suicides per day*

*On average. Only with your help can VETS continue giving veterans a chance to make a lasting change.

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How can psychedelic therapy impact veteran health? How does it work? What are the risks? How can veterans prepare for and make the most of psychedelic therapy?

Our free course is for veterans and families who want to understand current scientific research on psychedelics, and for anyone interested in learning about psychedelics and veteran mental health.

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Need Help Now?

We encourage anyone seeking help to contact our partners at the Suicide Prevention Lifeline or the Veterans Crisis Line.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Veterans Crisis Line


Your involvement could help save a life. Thank you for joining us in this crucial fight for our nation's heroes.
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